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For a little hunger, a minimum of 2 dishes will be required when ordering


Désignation Prix
Scallops*, avocado, bergamot zest and pomegranate from Hippolyte's workshop 18,00 euros
Blauvac's early leeks in velvety and roasted hazelnuts 9,00 euros
Small cepe mushroom cake, candied garlic and tomato marmelade 14,00 euros
Hunting hare, boneless, stuffed with black truffles and cooked 36 hours at low temperature, It is served with an extra duck foie gra on top 38,00 euros
Red label salmon cooked in gentle steam, butternut and lemon ginger marinade 22,00 euros
Rack of lamb roasted with thyme, kale and darphin potatoes 28,00 euros

Cheese board affinated by the Mercy fromagerie in Carpentras
an goat cheese from La Malutière

  10,00 €
Chestnut rème brulée, cherry sorbet "Monts de Venasque" 9,00 euros
Tarte Tatin* with Coralie's quince, vanilla ice cream 12,00 euros

  *Dieppes's shells lifted by us, scallops are sliced and marinated in fresh lemon juie and olive oil. They keep all their freshness and  stubtle taste.
*Dessert prepared ad cooked at the last moment, it must be ordered at the beginning of the meal.